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Gail Travers
March 30, 2022

To the Editor:
I compose in aid of John Marcinski’s letter of 3/9 (“Clear Choice”) and in reply to Edward Schwind’s diatribe in opposition (“Scratching Our Heads” 3/16).
No doubt Mr. Schwind has each suitable to harbor his view and reject the views expressed by Mr. Marcinski. Sadly, nonetheless, Mr. Schwind provides a sweeping conclusion without the need of bothering to condition any specifics in assistance, declaring, “I am not likely to waste any much more place making an attempt to recommend that key fraud and cheating took position.” Properly, I say you should do. These types of energy would not be a squander at all if you have something except the hackneyed chants of MAGA environment to current.
If you have any facts in support of your conclusions, let us hear them in entire detail. If not, we mere mortals are remaining with the file very well proven that extra than 60 lawsuits ended up submitted in quite a few condition and federal courts that ended up all properly dismissed (some by Trump-appointed judges) for absence of proof.
To be good, there was just one slight procedural victory in a Pennsylvania case that would not have adjusted the election consequence in that condition. Mr. Trump’s own lawyer common identified as these kinds of promises B.S., many Republican secretaries of point out had comparable conclusions, multiple recounts in numerous swing states proved the reported final result, and elections officials named the 2020 election the most safe in history.
It is unusual how candidate Trump’s claims of a rigged election in 2016 had been abandoned when he gained, then revived in his reelection campaign prolonged before any ballots ended up solid, as if to counsel the result was preordained.
I would propose that the tremendously increased voter turnout was in reaction to the chaotic governance of Mr. Trump even though in business. Potentially there was just way too significantly drama for some of his before supporters to vote for him again. Possibly just far more voters ended up determined to specific their views through the ballot for any selection of explanations peculiar to each individual voter.
I am confident the turnout dilemma will be debated for a lot of several years to occur, but to conclude the 2020 election final result was a product or service of fraud in the absence of any evidence in support the declare is mere speculation antithetical to our collective desire in free of charge and fair elections.
Jim Kane
Surf City

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