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Gail Travers
Oct 21, 2020

To the Editor:
Four far more many years – oy vey!
Who actually needs four a lot more several years of this edition of The us? No, which is not what I want. The Republicans and Trump have experienced four several years to make America fantastic again.
Who can say with a straight experience that we really are “great” yet again? Rather, four a lot more many years from my standpoint suggests: More strife, anger and blood strain remedies. Additional shops that now resemble Moscow through the old Soviet times – fifty percent-vacant cabinets, shortages of simple requirements. A lot more isolation from pals and relatives. More bodily and emotional ache for those continue to out of get the job done. Extra hate, divisiveness and worry-mongering with suppression of information about fantastical headline-grabbing conspiracy theories. Much less immigrants readily available to fill positions that desperately need to have to be crammed for the economic system to develop.
Ending off the destruction of trust in our democratic institutions with additional lies and unethical violations of our democratic norms. Eliminating the final of our environmental protections and letting the frackers, loggers, miners and hunters operate amok in our national parks. Institutionalized herd immunity to get rid of COVID-19 and get on with our lives very well, except for all the U.S. citizens who will die just before the objective is reached. The moment and for all finding rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Getting absent the challenging-gained civil legal rights of our minorities and a woman’s proper to handle her entire body re-criminalizing homosexual marriage.
Definitely, America?
Tom McArdle
Ship Bottom

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