Hiking at Pulau Perhentian Island: Kincir Angin (Windmill) – TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA TRAVEL VLOG

Kincir Angin (Windmill) at Pulau Perhentian Island is without a doubt offers the most beautiful view in Perhentian Island…Maybe even the most beautiful in Malaysia.

It took about 20-30 minutes to hike from Long Beach at Perhentian Kecil Island to reach the top at the Windmill viewpoint. The view was spectacular but unfortunately the stairs were all broken and unkempt. What caused the distraction? Was it because of the monsoon?

Anyway, it was a dangerous hike if you want to go all the way down to the sea since all the metals are rusty. So we did not go all the way although we enjoyed the view from the viewpoint, and also from our DJI mavic mini drone that was excellent at taking drone shots and drone footage at Perhentian island (although it would loose signal sometimes).

We always enjoy discovering adventures along the way. So before coming to Perhentian, we also enjoyed visiting other the places to visit in Terengganu.
So stay tuned for more:
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JetLagWarriors is a Canadian couple — Steve and Ivana. After travelling here and there for a few years, mostly during Canadian winter, we fully caught the travel bug and decided to travel INDEFINITELY! Subscribe to keep up with our journey. We will be budget travelling– hostels and air BnB’s and street food and the whole bit. Thanks!

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  1. JetLag Warriors

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks all for your concerns about our safety❤️ We feel the love! Please watch our video till the end to hear our opinion and conclusion.

    To put you at ease, before going down, we accessed the situation very well, and we wouldn’t have put ourselves in danger. We are experienced hikers, and know that safety always comes first. We didn’t just go down without a plan.

    Regarding the staircase, we don’t think it’s an eyesore! It added to the uniqueness of the place. This place was spectacular on our eyes despite the broken down stairs. We had a fantastic time. We don’t blame the government/authorities because nature can be powerful! And it is hard to maintain such place especially if the island is closed a few months a year due to monsoon.

    Something we learned after posting this video is that this spot is actually off limits! Some of you saw the ripped/ blown yellow tape on our video which we missed (our bad). This place has been closed by the government, although many tour operators still promote this place as part of their tour packages. Not sure why as that was how we found out about this place in the first place. The promotion pictures shown by those tour companies are nothing like how it is in the real life. So we were shocked to find the state of the staircase once we got there. So hoping that this video will prepare others that plan to visit this spot. If you watch until the end of our video, we said that going all the way down is NOT WORTH it. And you should not visit this spot anyway, because it is OFF LIMITS even though your tour operator has this spot on their package.
    And if you still decide to go, please know that you are AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

  2. Ir Yan

    It is quite shameful but Terengganu has a nickname; Darul Runtuh or literally translated as Collapsed State. It got the name because of few cases of building/structure collapse.

  3. PeaceVendetta

    What a challenge to Ivana in the year 2020 in Malaysia! Bravo!

  4. Tye Calvin

    This is why sometimes we are mad about the government…Spend the money but never seriously take care of maintenance. Many ppl never understand it to keep support and ignore. Sad! The rubbish problem also a big problem and not be educated well……

  5. Lynn Ooi

    Is dangerous

  6. Uncle Sam

    "Facilities Without Maintenance" is the tag line for Malaysia Tourism Board. Shame!

  7. Baim Ken

    beauty(view) is pain …hihihihi

  8. Azhar Ibrahim

    Nobody is going to comment about the pile of plastic bottles, really? Wth Perhentian? That's really an eyesore.

  9. syahir zakaria

    if u want to go to beach down there, u need to came down from the steel stair and hike down to the beach. Its a bit slope. Me and my friend manage to get down there and go swimming. But then we are too tired to climb up after the hiking and swimming, we call the boat to pickup us at those beach.

  10. pitwan desu

    Heavy Breathing @_@

  11. dino ang

    OMG! So dangerous!! I am really upset watching this video. Steve, why put youself & Ivana in the harm's way. Not worth risking your life, period.
    I am sorry, I am giving this video a dislike.

  12. Shah Mohd

    Omg….I almost died looking down at the HUGE gap held by the TINY planks and Ivana's feet as she's tip-toeing across it. The HEIGHT of it…! Only you crazy tourist will do this….and that Crazy Tourists names are…..Steve & Ivana !

  13. Virtual Tours

    What a wonderful video! This is amazing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video I love it

  14. Ramadhan Pujaan

    Not worth risking ur life

  15. Yusuf Djuly

    Weathering .. hot & cold.. wet & dry.. rain & sun..contributes to the damaging state of that metal stairs & walkways

  16. SK BeeBee

    Thanks Steve and Ivana for sharing this amazing view of Perhentian and much tips on the structure and where and how to step on the damaged trail.
    It was real hardwork and danger and high risk to balance all to create this scenic, informative , thrilling video for viewers. However I may sound naggy to say I really feel in future should not risk both your life and safety just to produce wonderful videos …Love both of you too much so please always be careful and not risk like this wherever you go in future..must not let our guards down ..

  17. Dr Yodi

    Shamefull …state goverment should responsible and not just ignore for what happen….rubbish not managed properly….dangerous structure ….state goverment now under pas only know how to use money but do not know how to make profit….

  18. Chee Lee

    Omg, so scary to walk like this. Throughout the video, my hand start sweating. I am so worry…those rusty steel bar … Omg

  19. laramiaizz

    I have seen a few vlogs showing this place and i'm appalled at how it's getting worse..

  20. sharkcrews

    malaysia problem is they can build something but too lazy to maintain it

  21. Hội Du Lịch


  22. ResignFromHon

    3:40 i saw Police do not cross line.. maybe something happened inside that area before.. well thank god nothing happen to you and your loved one buddy.. maybe someone already broke the line..sad

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