HOA Mixed Bag

To the Editor:
To legislate or not? On one particular hand, the 9th District legislators state that they are adamantly opposed to any legislative try to allow Trenton to interfere with the operations of HOA communities when they voted on S-2261. On the other hand, they supported legislation to reduce the expiration of legal immunity for HOAs from COVID-relevant lawsuits, S-177.
Sen. Connors claims that troubles touched on in S-2261 can be dealt with internally by group inhabitants via their elected board customers. It is evident that Connors, who is an attorney by job, is not functioning in the serious planet.
The senator mentioned that a large phase of his constituency is seniors living in these communities. What he does not say is that most HOA boards absence the experience on the procedure of a nonprofit corporation and depend on a house manager and their attorneys for important conclusions that oversee thousands and thousands of home owner bucks paid out via servicing charges. Conclusions created by this arrangement created the draconian lockdowns for the earlier two years.
No existing legislation exists demanding the licensing and certification of residence professionals in New Jersey. You have to check with you why. It is very long overdue.
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