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Gail Travers
Could 19, 2021

To the Editor:
The honeymoon is in excess of! Joe Biden has been in business office above 100 times so the gloves are off. Biden arrived right out of the gate signing a report number of govt orders not witnessed considering the fact that the days of FDR.
Biden reversed Trump’s immigration insurance policies and border safety, resulting in a crisis at the border that is unparalleled.
With the smallest congressional majority in decades, he and his radical Democrat Celebration are seeking to transform every single aspect of U.S. policy, domestic and overseas. This includes hoping to federalize election law and community policing and procedures that incentivize persons not to perform whilst bailing out spendthrift states.
Add the proposed investing on infrastructure and the Eco-friendly New Offer wacko plan on major of what was amazingly invested in 2020 and runaway inflation could be a distinct risk.
James M. Spickard
Small Egg Harbor

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