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Gail Travers
January 12, 2022

To the Editor:
The condition of New Jersey ran a Christmas commercial above the holiday year demonstrating a kid wishing for the COVID vaccine on his Santa listing. Have the New Jersey politicians and federal government officials wholly lost their minds? What senior formal essentially thought this would be an helpful COVID vaccine advertising campaign? It’s horrific.
This isn’t an anti- or pro-vaccine political rant. I’m vaccinated with a booster shot. And I’ll probably be coerced into getting a fourth and likely a fifth jab in the coming year or several years. The virus isn’t heading anywhere. The science has verified that vaccinations have saved quite a few lives and drastically decreased the indicators of those people contaminated. Vaccines are a excellent factor. I’m also professional-option and towards mandates anywhere.
But which is not the level of this letter. The information is that using the sacred holiday of Xmas and the tradition of Santa Claus to thrust vaccines on small children is trashy and the very low of lows. It’s terrible and mistaken. And it sends a awful message. It’s not only inappropriate, but not the platform for tacky state federal government hacks to attempt to get their vaccination agenda across. I really don’t know any child that experienced a COVID vaccine on their Santa wish checklist. Do you?
Dean Keppler
Cedar Run

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