Horrific Yacht Sinking of Long Beach Island Part 2

the day after the horrific yacht sinking off of Long Beach Island, Jacques Cousteau’s (stunt double)dives to the wreck to see if there are any survivors, or more likely, to see if the cocaine is still marketable. Watch carefully for the Lindsay Lohan cameo.

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  1. Suelaine Nogueira

    Que coisa triste.

  2. jogonjon

    what a waist of fucking time,are you like 2 or somthing

  3. bobbyjobob123456789

    wtf u knob

  4. Henry James

    cumon!!! thats what my 7year old sister does with her toy boat!!!

  5. Superterminal


  6. alpinebear

    The pitty is that the person who posted this video is not a kid but a 28yo moron

  7. Danny C

    horrible video; a waste of 23 seconds

  8. Cesar Gonzalez

    I think it sank because it hit a diaper!

  9. G. K.

    fuck off stuped jokes

  10. budcrane

    waste of time

  11. LightenUpMcGraw

    Ya gotta love people that like to sucker viewers into wasting their time on things like this, and by the way, its "off" not "of", idiot.

  12. SnipeShot314

    fuck u

  13. TheMcha13

    grow up and dont post crap saying its good

  14. wbarr12

    stupid people do stupid things

  15. phoenixman8569

    someone farted at 0:11

  16. MegaSkaterDog

    @phoenixman8569 u trying to be funny? because ur being a FUCKING IDIOT

  17. hellsbaby127

    dick head!

  18. Jax Capn


  19. Jax Capn

    This guy obviously has a grand future making low budget disaster at sea movies. I can hardly wait until the insurance company buys his next toy boat.

  20. Johan


  21. DET832

    Horrific !!!!!

  22. Anthony Liberatori

    This is a toy boat. And at the end someone is running put of the water. If a boat Sank there it would b above

  23. MaiSent

    I lold way too much

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