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Gail Travers
September 22, 2020

My own favored remembrance of Lou Puskas recollects a evening at the Owl Tree when I identified him sitting down at the bar in a new suit and wide tie, sipping a White Russian. Appears he had just returned from testifying in advance of the U.S. Congress as component of his quest to restrict overseas fishing in our coastal waters. I sat down as he proudly generated from his pocket a duplicate of the congressional agenda for the day. It was a list of distinguished speakers and industry experts, with each individual allotted a paragraph stating their intensive experienced credentials.
At the center of the site was a conspicuous white house with only the words: “CAPTAIN LOUIS PUSKAS JR. … FISHERMAN.”
I was struck by how this humble title suited the man. And how his testimony was probably the most valid and informed to be read by the committee that working day.
It would seem fitting that the caption in the congressional agenda matches the symbol on the truck that he drove for so a lot of yrs. In a uncomplicated phrase, it displays the wisdom and humility of a much larger than lifetime neighborhood “hero” who was very pleased of his craft and at ease in his place in the plan of matters.
He will unquestionably be skipped and remembered, extra with smiles than disappointment.
Jim Nobel
Ship Base

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