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Gail Travers
September 30, 2020

To the Editor:
The onset of cooler fall temperature on Lengthy Seaside Island has once again been accompanied by the return of the “Firepit Brigade,” the contingent of citizens who insist on burning wooden fires in their backyard chimineas and fouling the air with acrid smoke across a 10- to 20-block radius.
Worse than the choking smoke from the wood fires, having said that, is the irrational municipal ordinance regulating these kinds of leisure fires. Prolonged Beach Township municipal code 205-37 governing outdoor fires and units permits “recreational fires (that are) entirely contained in just permitted portable fireplace equipment and permanent hearth gadgets, and which could only be lit and managed with clean up firewood, charcoal, made fire logs, propane, and pure gasoline as permissible fuels.”
However, the ordinance even more necessitates that “all permitted outdoor fires shall be maintained in a fashion that ensures any smoke and embers arising therefrom do not interfere with the air good quality, peace, and silent satisfaction of neighboring inhabitants.”
However, this ordinance fails to embrace the sensible actuality that Very long Beach front Township is found on a barrier Island the place wind velocity ranges amongst 6 and 25 mph 73 per cent of the time during the 12 months and in which the normal residential side home setback is a mere 15 toes. Under these prevailing conditions it is tricky to envision any realistic situation when the smoke from a wood-burning hearth doesn’t interfere with the air top quality, peace and peaceful pleasure of neighboring people.
The regulation is irrational simply because it permits the action of wooden-burning recreational fires, which, by their pretty character, degrade air top quality and build a community nuisance (and prospective safety hazard) in the two the rapid and extended proximity of the fire.
I’m not a proponent of intrusive authorities regulation, but even significantly less a fan of laws that fall small of achieving a wanted result. With numerous environmentally cleaner and socially less invasive choices readily available in the market for keeping leisure outside fires, this sort of as natural fuel or propane hearth pits, Long Seaside Township need to amend municipal code 205-37 to prohibit any variety of wooden-burning leisure fires. The addition of all wooden-burning fires is a logical extension of the current ordinance, which already prohibits the burning of brush, leaves, trees, trash, refuse and treated and damp wooden.
Kevin Budd
Extended Beach Township

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