Island Autism Family Beach & BBQ Day

(Rib Rub Recipe is at the bottom) It’s been a long week filled with long workdays and house projects. Today we went to the beach and made a BBQ for family and friends. Nick had a great time at the beach hanging around with his cousins and eating cookies. While Nick spent most of the night watching movies with his cousins’ Mom, Dad, aunts, and uncles talked, laughed, and celebrated life until the nite was complete.
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Babylon, NY 11702.
Rib Rub –
Goya Seasoning, Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Cayenne Pepper, Cuman

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  1. Julie Mineau

    oh ya we all remember

  2. Julie Mineau

    miss his curls

  3. Neil K Walk

    Lol, John I believe I am a month older than you and was babysat by the television all through the 70s. The commercial was for Calgon laundry detergent and it was a few years before 1979.

    EDIT: sorry to “out “ your age but “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”

    PS: I’m also Ex Navy. You need sea legs. Stand roughly sideways on the board with your knees slightly bent and feet angled so that they’re about 45° or slightly more.

  4. Pastor Judy’s Garden

    I remember the commercial. Lol.

  5. nessa jones

    Those ribs look delicious mmmm

  6. Alex The Saint Bernard Lover

    I hope you had a fun day

  7. Bev Campbell

    I’m glad you all had a great day, you deserve it. The food looked awesome. You live in such a beautiful place!

  8. Tia Towery

    Hi guys! I’m dating myself but I remember The ancient Chinese secret commercial

  9. Maria Connolly

    I was little too but I remember the commercial for the dry cleaning.

  10. Aaron Harkin

    how long do you cooked that for it well cut from aaron good job tell nick aaron said hello

  11. Neurodiverse family adventures

    Hahaha showing your age lol

  12. Natasha Smith Zwaifu1

    Did Nicky eat the ribs?! You left us hanging!

  13. Jenni Hamilton

    SCOOBY DOOBY DOOOOOOOOOOOO 😀 😀 😀 That was awesome 🙂 He is such a smart and happy kid. NIcky is awesome 🙂 So glad everyone had fun at the beach and that there were no injuries on the wakeboard:P 😀 I hope Johnny had a great time fishing and that he caught the biggest fish 😀 😀 Love you guys! Keep being awesome 😀 GOD BLESS 😀 😀 😀

  14. Mary Palafox

    Looked like a fun day:)

  15. Karen Frizzo

    Looked like a fun day with the family. Is Aunt Lisa Sams mum, thought I saw a resemblance?

  16. Robin Saucier

    It was 112° degrees in Sacramento today. A beach day would be nice, I grew up in So. Ca. about 15 minutes from the beach.. I miss it so much.
    It's funny I've seen people on paddle boards so many times but have never actually saw someone get on one.

  17. elise hamilton

    Always reuse please as its a seaside recipe from the Ninky TV Mob.You guys are having fun at your front door best ever home. Spending time is the best at da beach. love from Au

  18. Gourmet22

    Nick makes my heart melt

  19. Davina Shaffer

    U guys do so much n have so much fun, glad nicki enjoyed himself, such a fun day.

  20. Laura Eby

    YES … I remember the commercial ! How funny !

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