Keeping Barnegat No. 1

To the Editor:
As a sitting committeeman in Barnegat, I would like to thank the experienced voters for returning Al Cirulli and introducing Joe Marte to the committee. I know you will not regret that choice.
Mr. Cirulli and Mr. Marte gained 60 % of the vote and an astonishing 63 p.c of the unbiased vote (individuals not Republican or Democrat).
Mr. Cunliff attended the township assembly following the election and graciously congratulated the winners. However, Mr. Cunliff was knowledgeable by Mayor Novak that even with all the overdevelopment noise, Barnegat is continue to 40 per cent open up place. He was also informed of the federal and condition legislation pertaining to house possession and an owner’s proper to construct. In addition, incorrect restrictions could bankrupt the township.
Mr. Cunliff also made solutions on the regional ordinances involving setting up a individual call on all entrepreneurs of rental homes. He was informed that that has been portion of the ordinance for yrs.
I suggest all who have considerations or concerns to speak to me at town hall to get all the points ahead of becoming misinformed on Barnegat issues. Thank you, township voters, for your continued belief and help and for holding Barnegat No. 1.
Al Bille, committeeman

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