Keeping It Real: That Time I Auditioned for QVC

For lots of a long time, like quite a few other moms pre-pandemic, I stayed at property with the kids. Ahead of I experienced little ones, I labored at a wide variety of positions and did not exactly have what a single could possibly simply call a profession. My spouse travels most of the time and is rarely house on weekends, so we both felt it was most effective if I hung with the kiddos whilst he gained a dwelling. I was pretty appreciative to have this very good fortune, and invested many several hours with my young ones, seeking for dinosaurs, pretending to be pirates and examining out playgrounds within just a 50-mile radius. I also remember crushing hrs of boredom when I longed for grownup firm, intelligent discussion and 3 to 5 margaritas intravenously. This desperation to be observed and identified led me to do some rather random things, like the time I auditioned for QVC. Genuinely.
This transpired for the duration of the missing a long time, when both boys were finally in college all day and I wanted to go again to operate, but had no clue where to begin. I have often read the newspaper each individual early morning and was 50 percent-heartedly scanning the classifieds when I spied a full-site ad saying auditions for QVC spokespersons. The ad specified that they were searching for actual men and women, not versions. How refreshing! I was a real human being, and I experienced definitely performed my share of auditions when dwelling in Chicago. It was one of the number of issues I felt capable to do: be a genuine particular person! So, I commenced to plot my journey to West Chester, Pa., that foreign land inhabited by QVC studios.
This was in the pre-GPS days. I appear to be to remember pulling up a map on MapQuest and, without the need of telling a soul, finding in the automobile and tootling off to my impending career as a genuine particular person hawking egg beaters on tv. My interior-motion picture had me gabbing in the studio, showcasing fake jewels with fabulously manicured nails, knocking absolutely everyone above with my wit and simplicity in front of the digital camera. Wealthy internal lifestyle apart, my nails have usually been limited and ragged, but I was certain that bogus fingernails would be element of the perks package.
The push was infinite and fraught with nervousness. I didn’t want to make a mistaken turn, so I drove gradually, eliciting honking horns and hand gestures as I moseyed towards the studio. After I bought to the QVC campus, there were being no pleasant symptoms pointing me towards the auditions. Nor did there seem to be other “real” people today stumbling about. Absolutely everyone seemed to know wherever they ended up going and were marching alongside on a sidewalk that seemed a lot more like a conveyor belt than concrete. I discovered a visitor parking good deal that turned out to be as significantly as one particular could get from the audition web site though nevertheless remaining in Pennsylvania. And then, with a deep breath, I commenced my stroll toward stardom.
Anyone I passed despatched me in another direction. Was this a ploy by other, a lot more intelligent true people today to preserve me from my new career? Ultimately, I asked a sullen guard where the auditions were being currently being held. He pointed towards a making I experienced passed at least 4 moments. As I gazed upon my foreseeable future, I recognized something I hadn’t seen prior to. Several of the persons coming into the creating have been carrying contraptions of some sort: hat-racks, shoe trees and objects that can only be described as defying description. Just one male experienced a big, velvet coated “thing” less than his arms. I had to know what it was.
In the creating foyer, there had been finally some indicators pointing us real folks where by serious people required to go. Directed to signal in, we had been then herded into at least a dozen rooms. As I walked towards “real man or woman waiting space amount five,” I observed the guy with the velvet-covered item. He was possessing a vigorous conversation with his object, or so I believed. It was not right until I sidled up to him that I recognized he was heading via his audition spiel. When he abruptly stopped, I applauded wildly. What much better way to obtain his confidence? “That was good,” I chortled. He blushed modestly. “What are you undertaking?” I questioned naively.
“This is the 18th time I’ve auditioned for this work. They genuinely like it when you convey in your own item to offer, so I have brought in my personal magnifying lamp.” He whisked off the velvet go over to reveal an historical lamp. I could sense myself deflating, my desires of product sales stardom evaporating. I thanked him for sharing with me, then built my way to my assigned cattle pen, now pretty unsure of myself. I hadn’t introduced my meat grinder, my astronaut diaper or my thick-soled gravity boots. I had almost nothing.
I located a dark corner and sat down. Other real men and women were being working towards their sales pitches though I moped. I was so out of tune with QVC, having hardly ever shopped there, that when a handsome, perma-tanned gentleman came in and the women swooned more than him, I experienced no concept he was a QVC star.
There ended up objects in the home that we were being supposed to fondle and enjoy with in planning for our audition. I do not try to remember if I partook of this preliminary exercise. I was as well fast paced absorbing the salesmanship all over me, too fast paced with the realization that I really was not the type of real man or woman they ended up wanting for.
When my quantity was last but not least identified as, I tried out to walk confidently into the audition home. I believe my voice was much too loud. I observed one particular person wince as I introduced myself. They invited me to sit down, but I insisted that I did my most effective advertising while standing (yeah, appropriate). A single of them walked to a box, then handed me a salt-and-pepper combo that a person squeezed rather of grinding. They could have handed me a person of my youngsters and I however wouldn’t have recognized what to say in my two-moment gross sales pitch. At a person issue, I held the salt and pepper duo up to my ear lobe and mentioned, “Too busy?” No 1 laughed. I babbled on till a person of them tiredly said, “Thank you. Which is sufficient.”
As I stumbled back again to my car or truck, I replayed how I could have sold that gadget, out of the blue capable to hawk it with pleasant superlatives and lavish descriptors. I knew instinctively that I would not be obtaining a callback from QVC.
For the longest time, I explained to no a single of my minimal adventure. It was a memory that I retained to myself for these as well-very long days when I was fatigued of hands-on mothering. I would imagine of my audition, laugh, then sense superior about myself for becoming a genuine individual.
Marsia Mason lives in Seashore Haven.

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