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Gail Travers
June 09, 2021

To the Editor:
The Tuckerton Borough Council has indicated that people outside the house of the seaside place would not use their tax dollars to pay for the dredging of beach front space lagoons. Nonetheless, I not too long ago mentioned that streets west of Route 9 are being paved. Are my tax dollars being applied to pay back for these and other jobs?
Seashore spot inhabitants fork out their honest share of taxes. We lead to the local tax foundation by paying 100% for municipal services even if several homes are owned by seasonal inhabitants. Most beach front spot persons have boats stuck in the mud. How do other towns having lagoons regulate the mud problem?
Our lagoons are dying a slow dying. They are a important useful resource to Tuckerton. The borough can not find the money for to let the lagoons die.
Edward Harkey
Oak Ridge, N.J., and Tuckerton

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