LBI 2020 has not been an easy year for anyone.⁠ While the Tide Table Group consider …

2020 has not been an easy year for anyone.⁠
While the Tide Table Group consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to operate our businesses outdoors in serving summer visitors, many in our industry have struggled and will continue to, until we are able to welcome diners back inside our establishments.⁠

It has been five months of course correction through changing regulationsl with winds, floods, hard decisions and tough conversations. Thankfully our staff has rose to the occasion at every turn.⁠

The COVID-19 numbers in New Jersey have been down all summer. The people of our state have taken this seriously, made great sacrifices and worked together to find safe ways to navigate the new normal.⁠

But summer weather will not last forever and the health of our businesses, like so many other independent eateries in New Jersey, is now in question. We need to open indoor dining in New Jersey.⁠

We understand that there will be patrons and staff who will still not be comfortable with indoor dining and we must respect their decision. But for the sake of restaurants and hospitality, the largest private sector employer in the state, employing farmers, fishermen, purveyors, servers, chefs and so many more who depend on restaurants to make a living, we feel it’s time that @govmurphy open the lines of communication with business owners and start working together on guidelines to safely reopen indoor dining as it has been done in 48 other states. The national trend has shown a decline in new cases for two weeks. Moreover, we need to start discussing specific financial support for our businesses that have been hit the hardest this year. ⁠

What has buoyed the Tide Table Restaurant Group through this difficult time has been the support. Seeing the families who have patronized our establishments come in for takeout food or smiling and enjoying fresh seafood under a tent, temporarily forgetting the stress of 2020, has kept us going.⁠
Please support our campaign to #reopenidoordiningnj⁠
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    Thoughtful post ❤️ see you guys in two weeks!

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