LBI 50 jumps a day! ⠀ And 1,500 a month. ⠀ This is exactly the number of people who …

50 jumps a day!

And 1,500 a month.

This is exactly the number of people who choose our skydive center.

Are you still not one of them? We need to fix this urgently! 30 seconds. Sometimes, it’s a moment; sometimes, it’s an eternity. 30 seconds. This is how long the free fall lasts. Do you know how you can stop time and make it viscous like August honey? How to find out that the whole life, filled with emotions and impressions, fits into one moment? We will share a secret with you. This is a free fall. This is what happens to you from the moment the body leaves the plane, and you, still scared, spread your arms like wings and literally lie down on the air, under the reliable protection of the instructor, until a bright parachute opens above you.

This is the whistle of the wind at a speed of 110 mph, delight, and unprecedented euphoria you may not even experience before, that this is not a dream, and you just fly and enjoy this feeling. You even manage to make several discoveries: you can lean on the air, you can feel it, the Earth is really round, and the sky is stunningly bright and deep, which could not be seen from the ground or through the plane’s window.

Then there is a slight twitch – and a bright parachute, opening above you, slows down your flight. A moment – and unstoppable fighter turns to a bird, smoothly hovering above the ground, slowly circling over the city.

Soft landing. Rethinking what happened and understanding that the world may not have changed, but you have become a completely different person.

Have you flown?
Let’s go jump 🙌

Call 609-294-5858 to book!

Let us know if you’ve discovered us on Instagram and get:

10💲discount for the jump.

30💲discount for the jump + video+pictures.

To get a discount⤵️

Show the manager a screenshot of our account 😉
The discount is valid only if paid at the Skydiving Center.

Instagram offer are Not valid with any others coupons or payments already done online.

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