LBI Beachgoer Grabs A Shark & A Lot Of Attention #LBI

Person Saves SHARK

A guy who rescued a shark with his bare fingers in Beach front Haven NJ spoke exclusively with Ashley Johnson of Chasing News.

Patrick Dalton reported when he observed a sandbar shark in distress it was his instinct to choose it up and attempt to get it back again in deeper water. Patrick explained he is familiar with sharks and an adrenaline-junkie.

Andrew Boris captured the action on cellphone video clip. A lifeguard ended up using the shark out of Patrick’s hands and hopping on a jet ski to get the shark farther out to sea. In the close, all rescuers made out nicely and so did the shark.

Sandbar sharks are stated to be widespread at the Jersey Shore and not intense.

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  1. Gene Fedor

    I know this guy, Pat is awesome

  2. Snake Plissken

    What a moron how do you rescue a shark from the ocean? And you’re lucky you didn’t get bit grabbing it by the tail. Hoy vey!!!

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