LBI Extreme is available to everyone! ⠀ The stereotype “extreme outdoor activities a…

Extreme is available to everyone!

The stereotype “extreme outdoor activities are the young people privilege” has long been a thing of the past! ✌️

The trend of a healthy lifestyle and modern medicine have made the concept of “age” subjective. For some, old age begins at the age of 40, and for someone 50s, 60s, and 70s is a time of new opportunities and prospects.

Children grew up, career was made – and here it is, the long-awaited freedom, time to live for yourself! It’s time to party!🤩

And only now it becomes clear how fast time flies, how important it is to appreciate every minute, every new impression.

The age is a great excuse to abandon the routine and perform extraordinary deeds!
You don’t know how to surprise your parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, how to bring joy back into their life, refresh it so that it sparkles with new colors? 🌟

Tandem jumping can be considered one of the most democratic types of this kind of “activity” – there are no age restrictions.

The defining criterion will only be:
🔹 no medical contraindications
🔹 the desire to skydive.

Autumn jumping season is in full swing!
We are waiting for you!

Call 609-294-5858 to book!

Let us know if you’ve discovered us on Instagram and get:

10💲discount for the jump.

30💲discount for the jump + video+pictures.

To get a discount⤵️

Show the manager a screenshot of our account 😉
The discount is valid only if paid at the Skydiving Center.

Instagram offer are Not valid with any others coupons or payments already done online.

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