LBI Fishing Report 11/24/20 #LBI

Gem of a working day nowadays listed here on LBI, Tuesday November 24th. We’ve experienced an uptick in stories the past few of days with shorts, slots and overs. Now’s the time to get out and fish the beach or boat.

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  1. will savinovich

    Thanks for the report, I watch your videos as quick as they are posted. Very reliable info shared. Keep up the good work, it is certainly appreciated

  2. Lovin House

    Thanks for the report! Fished the surf briefly this afternoon on the south end. Weather was perfect!

  3. The Zar

    Been up and down the island havnt seen or cought anything …and the more guys I talk too the more i hear the same ..far and in between.

  4. Andrew Gallo

    Love the small business shout out dude… Amazon, Google, fb e.t.c have profited 262 billion during covid while small businesses have lost over 200 billion from the pandemic. I appreciate your message, we're all trying to survive right now

  5. Andrew Gallo

    And love the reports… glad you are keeping up with them… it's nice seeing reports from other areas!!

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