LBI Fishing Report 12/9/20 #LBI

Fantastic morning on the LBI surf currently with excellent studies of bass and birds in restricted to the seashore from mid-island on up to the north conclusion. Anglers reported handfuls of bass on slender lures. Match the hatch! The sand eels are plentiful on the beach locations of LBI and tiny striped bass are feeding. The previous few times have been very good and we anticipate the following number of times to continue on. Get into the pleasurable ahead of the year is above!

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  1. SurfBum

    thanks man, going out on the top of the tide in a few. yesterday between many guys chunking no fish but me throwing ava's.

  2. Miggs S

    Great stuff as always, question for out there, when is the best time to hit the shore tomorrow for fish? Sunrise? I’m getting conflicting tide reports

  3. Al Bahnsen

    Thanks for the great report Greg. Great pictures of the guys hooking up.

  4. piao xun

    Great report! Love you

  5. Thaddeus Soley

    Great pics, muggers. Show some courtesy.

  6. Tyrod Foxworth

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