LBI FREE STUFF ALERT: I’m doing a giveaway friends!!! **All you have to do to enter…

FREE STUFF ALERT: I’m doing a giveaway friends!!!
**All you have to do to enter is follow @em.c44 , tag your friend & give them a compliment!!**
~&Bonus entry for every friend you tag!!~
You have until tomorrow night at 7pm!!
This little 5×7 framed Barney painting can be your’s!!🧚🏼‍♀️😊

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  1. maaddy.w

    @aubrey_lehman24 I miss you & appreciate you

  2. maaddy.w

    @dannyteman @brittanyalmeidinha my lovely support system for school ❤️

  3. maaddy.w

    @giovannaraspantii one more because of our iconic trio

  4. hannahmyers_

    @laurenstasiak @michaelaioconnor

  5. kate.cotter

    @sophia.cooneyy @summerdaviiss

  6. rereinvention

    @spam_olivia.p u have been my best friend since 6th grade and i love you

  7. rereinvention

    @eff_ervescent ur art captures my soul

  8. samminafo_

    @annaserale_ ur the bestest

  9. phunkmasterphlex

    @mushuparker ur cute & i think this is a reallly cute gift for krystyna when we move out

  10. phunkmasterphlex

    @gracedalt you are also really cute i love kissing u and i think krystyna would go wild for this painting when we move out

  11. phunkmasterphlex

    @andiemcbrien ur the cutest little b**ch ever and i want to win so im tagging u i love u

  12. phunkmasterphlex

    @beann_there_done_that tagging u cuz i love and admire u but also want to WIN this to gift to my cute little landlord bye

  13. cambeau

    @em.c44 youre my best view

  14. amandawaalker

    @lauraaesposiito @teenychilll @kaitlyn_notte @clare.adanatzian @gregenglishh love u all 🙂

  15. morgan.calabria

    @graceccatalano no you’re the best roomie ever

  16. pkeyes813

    @noahrogers__ @beck_sullivan710 you’re both lookin cute today

  17. autteal

    @skylarbatullo_ u have a heart of gold

  18. sarahmariemoore

    @jordancolonna u r cute

  19. lauryn_flynn13

    @andreajanowiak u have been a light in my life

  20. lauryn_flynn13

    @zfill10 ur the most caring person ever <3

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