LBI Governor Phil Murphy stopped by the Surf City Hotel yesterday with his wife, Tam…

Governor Phil Murphy stopped by the Surf City Hotel yesterday with his wife, Tammy, for a drink under the outdoor tent. He is seen here with hotel owner Colleen Gewirtz. 📸 by Rachel Gewirtz

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  1. thesandpaperlbi

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  2. maddieyocka

    6 feet brother

  3. capital1st_pig

    He sucks

  4. liveinlightlexy

    Open up shop Murph.

  5. joe_nevoso

    He doesn’t look 6 feet away from her though…

  6. tywaldeck_95

    Why are you hyping this up this clown has done nothing good for this state

  7. tracymurray77

    He should try visiting the DMV so he can actually see what a nightmare he’s created!!

  8. antjm_80

    He should be in jail

  9. fife.jackie

    Governor Phil Murphy has unilaterally abolished in person machine voting for (just about) all New Jersey residents this year. This interestingly enough comes on the heels of the NJ Supreme Court decision allowing him to borrow $9.9 Billion dollars without Constitutionally required voter approval. The voices and choices of New Jersey voters have been flagrantly disregarded twice in one week. The people of New Jersey could have and by all means should have been able to cast their ballot on borrowing $9.9 Billion. That choice could have been made in person safely and efficiently on a voting machine. This has been a very bad week for the voice of the people.

  10. mdkgator

    Can’t figure out which is worse him or his shirt !

  11. jennadrenee

    How nice he gets to enjoy a drink while we all have no idea what September will bring to us teacher and our children! And trying to save every penny for child care since we have no solid plan for the fall!

  12. smallbatchlbi

    It’s great to see a public official wearing a mask around here. More should.

  13. fistful_of_roses

    Good thing I decided not to go down yesterday.

  14. mbennett93

    Thanks for helping slow the spread here in the tri-state Murph while Trump did absolutely nothing

  15. hanksdad13

    Cool picture with a man who killed 7000 seniors and veterans and continues to ruin the lives and livelyhood of millions of NJ resisdents

  16. davejoannedilauri

    He should go back to Massachusetts…he’s one of the worst governors we’ve ever had! It’s time Jersey people start voting out these liberal democrats! They are the ruination of this once great state!

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