LBI I have SO many clients ask me “Is my 6-8 week touchup necessary?” In short, if…

I have SO many clients ask me “Is my 6-8 week touchup necessary?”

In short, if you want to ensure your brow tattoo lasts you 1-3 years, and not 6 months…yes, you absolutely need a touchup. The second session goes back over any ‘missed’ ink spots, fills them back in & perfects any spots that didn’t heal crisp enough the first round.

Cosmetic Tattoo Artists use pigment, rather than ink, like a Traditional Tattoo Artist.

Pigment heals alot softer thank ink will in return giving a more natural look, it also is alot more forgiving so over time it will NOT fade to a blue or grey color like ink would.

You will need a brow touchup at 6-8 weeks & then annually every 1-3 years depending on your skin type, lifestyle & age of your skin. For example: if you tan alot, your brows will fade alot quicker than someone who is never in the sun so you may need a touchup around a year compared to two to three years.

Note: due to varying factors some clients may need 2 6-8 week touchups to achieve desired results if you want a very filled in/dark brow or if you have very oily skin & do not retain pigment very well

Pro Tip: SPF Chapstick your brows with an spf 15-35 anytime you are in the sun to avoid fading ✨

Can I get my brows done in the summer if I cant be in the sun? Yesss girl! You can wear a hat, wear a sweat band, avoid the pool for 10 days as well as direct sunlight for 10-14 days. If you can survive 2 weeks without some fun in the sun or pool & just be extra careful, you can definitely get your brows done in the summer, but REMEMBER I can’t go home with you, you must properly take care of them while healing to ensure you get the best brows ✨


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