LBI Is it the beaches? The delicious food? The sounds and smells? Or maybe it’s som…


#WhyDoYouLoveLBI? Is it the beaches? The delicious food? The sounds and smells? Or maybe it’s something you can’t quite put into words… Whatever it is – we want to hear and see your reasons! Tag us in your favorite LBI stories, videos, and photos at Welcome To LBI or use the hashtag #WhyDoYouLoveLBI and we’ll share all of the incredible reasons you can come up with on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see you soon! A HUGE Thank You to @TonyCoonFilms, @AnnCoenPhotography, and @AnnCoenStudio, for filming and producing this incredible and uplifting video for us!

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  1. jane_e_54

    Going across the the causeway- all stress goes right out of me. The smells bring calmness and I feel like I’m home!
    Sitting on the bench overlooking the ocean early in the morning!

  2. browntown7780

    @mlove177 @serinalovett

  3. browntown7780

    @mbrown1025 @smsilbert

  4. coleenieb

    I love how people leave their flip flops at the end of the walk way to the beach….. it’s the only shore area that does this!! Love being here in the off season…. the beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunsets and then there’s ol Barney ❤️

  5. lorenza_marinelli

    LBI is my happy place! Don’t ask me why! But it is ❤️! I’m going to miss it this summer… 10 summers we have been there for a month straight! I hope things get better all around!!!

  6. deborah.ricciardi.98


  7. ryanjohnson_1

    Crushed it tone @tonycoonfilms

  8. fgpaella

    Well done. Have a super weekend everyone. We love doing parties overlooking the ocean or bay. Be there Sunday for a small private family event.

  9. plinkokev

    Where’s Barney?

  10. laurapalumbo22

    hey!! i was just wondering if you know of any public restrooms that are currently open? we were thinking about visiting for the day, but don’t have any way to use the restroom. thank you!

  11. liv.stuber

    @antonia_corsello11 everything!!

  12. hosteventsinc


  13. suzieb0302

    @kw430 @cat_winow84

  14. jamiemorgenbesser

    @jessicatayl0r_ @stephcarnesale @bosslady_jkc @mcarnesale54 @lhooq_at_me @jbuss911 @k.bussell032

  15. ava_cieplinski

    I love LBI because all my life it has been the only place that feels like home. I love the community and the good vibes of all the local businesses. It’s my favorite place on earth and there is no place I’d rather spend every summer.

  16. deborah.ricciardi.98

    Agree I love it there so much !!!

  17. dlet_828

    So are there only white people on LBI? Your video makes it seem so.

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