LBI •It’s Monkfish Season• Part 2: Fish in the Boat & Net in the Water Here we can…


•It’s Monkfish Season•
Part 2: Fish in the Boat & Net in the Water

Here we can see Capt Kevin Wark and Mike aboard F/V Dana Christine II lifting their net and getting monkfish on the boat – it’s a lot of work which you’ll see in the coming videos and mind you these guys are working in the freezing cold. Once the nets are on the boat with their catch the nets go back out as pulling and setting net is all in a days work.

Monkfish is one of the highest valued finfish in the Northeast and almost all of the monkfish for sale in the United States comes from U.S. fisheries.

U.S. wild-caught monkfish is a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations. Monkfish, which are also referred to as goosefish or American anglerfish, are most commonly caught using gillnets in the Mid-Atlantic region. Gillnets come in different sized mesh so proper nets are used throughout the year for both the target fishery and in order to protect migrating species.

These fish are used in a variety of ways but most commonly they are sought after for their tails – I’ll be sure to go over how they’re packed in coming posts. The tail meat is firm, dense, and relatively boneless but is not flaky and has a texture similar to lobster meat. At Viking Village we have 7 active gillnetters which will target monkfish this season. The boats are in for the next couple days as we will be experience high winds which does not make for safe or manageable conditions. Excited to share Part 3 with you all tomorrow!

🎥 @cgriffinvideo with permission from @lundsfish – thanks again!

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