LBI •It’s Monkfish Season• Part 3: There’s a lot of fish to cut Once the nets are …


•It’s Monkfish Season•
Part 3: There’s a lot of fish to cut

Once the nets are hauled and the boxes are full of fish Kevin and Mike meticulously go through these fish while choosing which fish to head and which fish to keep head-on. The fish are cut on the boat, gutted and cleaned while saving the livers. This results in having a landing consisting of head-on monkfish, monkfish tails, monkfish heads and monkfish livers. In the 4th and final part of this I will explain more about the different parts of the fish, their markets, and their uses.

Along with a proper catch of monkfish comes along with a catch of winter skate (what Mike is cutting at end of clip). Winter skates are caught in the nets along with the monkfish and are cut on the boat in which the wings are kept to pack. U.S. wild-caught winter skate is a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations. Skate meat is an off-white meat raw and cooked with a firm/ stringy texture. Skate is becoming a more popular option as it is a affordable and said to have a mild flavor similar to scallops. A lot of fish on the boat is a lot of work before returning to the dock which is what tomorrow’s final part will show.

We hope everyone is staying safe in this weather which we look forward to passing as we will get right back to business as normal. We are expecting to see scallop production by the weekend along with the netboats returning to monkfishing.

Again thanks to our friends at @lundsfish and @cgriffinvideo for capturing this epic footage of F/V Dana Christine II.

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