LBI •It’s Monkfish Season• Part 4: Packing Out Once Kevin and Mike finish hauling a…


•It’s Monkfish Season•
Part 4: Packing Out

Once Kevin and Mike finish hauling and setting their nets and are done cutting and cleaning the monk and skate it’s time to head back to Viking Village to pack out.

The boat packs head-on monkfish, monkfish tails, monkfish heads and monkfish livers along with skate wings.
– The head-on monkfish go to our friends at @lundsfish (who made this video happen combined with the skills of @cgriffinvideo ) where they are sorted and packed and later sent to South Korea.
– The monkfish tails are sent to many of our customers including retail fish markets, wholesalers and restaurants.
– The monkfish heads are packed for both lobster bait and human consumption. Monkfish heads have cheek meat which is sought after and the heads are used for soups.
– Monkfish livers are highly sought after by the Japanese. Here at Viking Village we sort, pack and clean thousands of pounds of monkfish livers to be sent to Japan directly from Barnegat Light. (The livers are in the big clear bags)
– The skate wings mainly go into the market and to many wholesalers and processors that we work with closely.

We have our hands full this time of year at Viking Village packing fish to truly feed the world. The monkfish fishery is managed closely to keep the fishery sustainable as daily catch limits are in place. This concludes this little series Kevin and I had hoped to share. I hope I was able to give our followers a better idea as to what the F/V Dana Christine II along with the rest of our gillnetters in Barnegat Light are up to for the next couple months. Thanks again Kevin, Mike and Cole 🙏🏼 Have a great weekend.

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