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|Last Day of Summer|

The only time I went to the beach this summer was back on August 15, 2020. I went to one of my favorite spots, Barnegat, New Jersey.

As I like to do with many photos I post on here, here’s a little brief history about the lighthouse or as many call it, “Old Barney”.

The first Barnegat light house was built in June 1834, but with beach conditions, they realized they needed something better. In 1855, Lt. Geroge G. Meade constructed plans for a new lighthouse ( the current one) . The next year, 1856, construction began. On January 1, 1859, Barnegat Lighthouse was commissioned.

The light house was an active lighthouse/ Coast Guard look out station, until January 1944, and they gave it to the State of New Jersey. Where the light house was ( Barnegat City) they renamed the town Barnegat Light. The lens aka the light, was returned to the the town of Barnegat in 1954, and is now displayed in the Barnegat Light Museum. In the year 1957, the area near the lighthouse was made into a state park, and then finally in 1971, the lighthouse was added to the national Register of historic places.

After years of fundraising, on January 1, 2009, which was the 150th anniversary of the opening of Barnegat Light, there was finally a light once again in the lighthouse. Which was the first time a light had been used in the lighthouse since before World War Two.

The lighthouse stands 169 ft, and if you add in the light in, it then is 172 ft above sea level. It is truthfully one of my favorite places. And this photograph is one of my favorites.

I hope you all enjoy this final day of summer even though it feels like we’ve been in fall for about a week haha.
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