LBI laundry — you either love it or you hate it. which are you?! i tend to fall into…

laundry — you either love it or you hate it. which are you?! i tend to fall into the latter category, but my lil helpers make it a whole lot better!

ᕱ thieves laundry soap — doesn’t contain any nasty, harmful chemicals, SLS, synthetic fragrances, etc. & works sooo well & smells AMAZING (full of essential oils like cinnamon, thieves, lemon, & bergamot). it’s extremely concentrated, so you just need the tiniest amount for each load OR do a little hack: split the bottle of laundry soap into three 16oz glass pump bottles, filling the rest of the bottle with water. it’ll last you a looonnggg time & still be just as effective (& cost effective!)

ᕱ stain stick — aka ‘the magical stain disappearer’. all you do is fill a roller bottle with half thieves laundry soap, the other half thieves household cleaner. roll it onto all the stains — grass, food, blood, allll the things. let it sit for 15 min, then throw it in the wash.

ᕱ whitening boost — brighten up your load of whites by adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to your washing machine (just add it right where your clothes go). works so well!

ᕱ folding/putting the clothes away — just do it, chelsea (the part I do NOT like about laundry 🙃)

our clothes are on our skin constantly, all day long. if you think that what you wash your clothes with doesn’t affect your health, think again, friend. trust me, i had NO IDEA about any of this. i’ve taken small, consistent steps to turn our home into a safer, less toxic place & you can do the same. maybe start by switching out that laundry detergent for some thieves laundry soap. YL also has a thieves starter kit! if you’re looking to start making the switch to cleaner products, this is a great place to start👌🏼

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