LBI Nightlife

Daytime in LBI is fun in the sun and catching that beautiful golden tan. Everything is open, energy is high, and the traffic is running smoothly. Great. But once the sun goes down and the artificial lights come up, a different LBI emerges.
Without the crowds and the commerce, the island comes alive after dusk — it blushes on its avenues, whispers on its bridges, grumbles in its bars, and roars in its clubs. Walk out onto the shadowy streets, and you’ll meet a place and a people whose vibe and verve simply couldn’t exist without the cover of darkness. LBI’s id emerges each night; a nocturnal other half every bit as essential to its identity as its business-hours alter ego.
So, for everyone seeking that restive energy, a glimpse at the face behind the shimmering day-to-day mask; for anyone who isn’t afraid of the shadows, here is what to do after hours in LBI.

Thursday 7/30 – Matt Fisher at 6pm
Friday 7/31 – Joe Faronea at  6:30pm
Saturday 8/1 – Lindsey Moonan on Bouy at 2pm and Dustin Drevich at 6:30pm
Sunday 8/2 – Ted Hammock on Bouy at 2pm and Christian Glomb at 6pm

Wednesday 7/29 – Chuck Miller at 3-7pm
Thursday 7/30 – Chris Fritz at 3-7pm
Friday 7/31 – Chuck Miller & Chris Fritz at 3-7pm
Saturday 8/1 – TBA at 3-7pm
Sunday 8/2 – Lefty Lucy at 3-7pm
Monday 8/3 – Ty Mares at 3-7pm
Tuesday 8/4 – Chris Gustelli at 3-7pm
Wednesday 8/5 – Chuck Miller at 3-7pm

Wednesday 7/29
The Pickles Duo at 4-7pm
Captain Eric at 7-10pm
Thursday 7/30
Sam Laubach at 4-7pm
Chris Guastelle at 7-10pm
Friday 7/31
The Tickles at 4-7pm
Sam Laubach at 7pm -10pm
Saturday 8/1
Captain Eric & Shipwrecks at 4-7pm
Rob Connolly -7pm-10pm
Sunday 8/2
Shorty Long & DJ Lax at 4-7pm
Ty Mares at 7-10pm
Monday 8/3
Captain Eric at 4-7pm
Jason Booth at 7-10pm
Tuesday 8/4
Ted Hammock at 4-7pm
Matt Fisher at 7-10pm

Fri 7/31 – JP LaStella Duo
Sat 8/1 – Chuck & Frank
Sun 8/2 – Jimmy Brogan
Mon 8/3 – Ted Hammock & The Pickles

Friday 7/31 – Brian Massa
Saturday 8/1 – Matt Fisher

Wed 7/29 – Chris Fritz at 4-7PM
Thurs 7/30 – Ted Hammock at 4-7PM DJ Danner at 7PM
Fri 7/31 – Tripp Fabulous Duo at 6-9PM
Sat 8/1  – The Rave Ons at 6-9PM
Sun 8/2 – Maggie Pietrucha Music at 4-7PM
Mon 8/3 – Jacob Smith at 4-7PM
Tues 8/4 – Dan Lopez at 4-7PM
Wed 8/5 – Chris Fritz at 4-7PM

Friday – 7/31 – Rob Connolly at 3-6pm
Saturday – 8/1 – Capt. Bill Brucato at 3-6pm
Sunday – 8/2 – Ned Ryerson Duo at 3-6pm

Live Music Sunday 5pm

Live Music Thursday and Friday at 5-8pm

Friday 7/31 & Saturday 8/1 – Problem Child 2 at 5pm-9pm

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