LBI On this blustery Monday afternoon, we are feeling very thankful to be a part of …

On this blustery Monday afternoon, we are feeling very thankful to be a part of such an incredible community. Last week, we were able to send out a stack of envelopes – our first round of aid for LBI employees facing a sudden COVID-19-related loss of income. The donations that were submitted to our fundraising page will help local workers with the costs of groceries and household needs during this unpredictable time. We could not have provided this emergency assistance without the generosity of our donors. A big thank you to…

Our Individual Donors: Scott Sutch, Anne-Marie and Brian Crowley, Madeleine Arch, Linell Gieser, Stacey Hinkle, Elizabeth Aras, Steve and Amy Levy, Steve Gransden, Christopher Crosby, Jeff Davidson, Scoot Bloor, Kerri Capelli, Lucy Perone, Jody Brusilow, Mary Ann Boustead, Ruth Wittenborn, Adrienne Friedland, The Zugelders, Jay Friedland, Angela Trampota, Annemarie McAnally, Justin & Maria O’Brien, Dan and Lori Malay, Donna McDowell, Susan Mackinney, Lauren Fine, and @HowYouBrewin

And Our Anonymous Donors; SZ, KF, CD, MA, BB, KR, JJ, SC, BB, BA, LM, LR, MD, CAB, CW

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    An important opportunity for the extended community to come together. I encourage seasonal residents to participate as much as possible.

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  3. meeshteach

    How can I donate more

  4. bombesa

    Wonderful community effort! Kudos!

  5. amycarreno34

    ❤️❤️ I feel so blessed to be a recipient of your generous donations and kind hearts. Thank you donors and thank you @welcometolbi for your organizing and supporting efforts. Our community is truly amazing. ❤️❤️

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