LBI ONE WEEK until outdoor dining is permitted in NJ! Here are a few things to expec…

ONE WEEK until outdoor dining is permitted in NJ! Here are a few things to expect as LBI restaurants move into the next stage of re-opening:

Customers are required to wear masks when entering a restaurant’s indoor space (for restroom use or if entering the building is necessary to access the outdoor area).

Some tables may be roped off for social distancing reasons – please follow each restaurant’s individual directions on where you are permitted to sit, stand, and wait.

Smoking is prohibited in the outdoor dining areas designated for eating and drinking.

Don’t forget your reading glasses! Digital menus may be used by some establishments which can be more difficult to read for some.

Check each restaurant’s website or social media before arriving for individual procedures, precautions, and limitations. Making a reservation is also recommended, when possible.

Please keep in mind that many local businesses are trying their very best right now. Please choose to be patient and understanding when dining out.

All photos are by @lbi.eats!!
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Some of the points above are detailed further in NJ Executive Order 150 or NJ Dept. of Health Executive Directive No. 20-014 if you would like more information on specifics and exceptions.

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