LBI **Press Release** During the early morning hours on 09/25/2020, Surf City Polic…

**Press Release**

During the early morning hours on 09/25/2020, Surf City Police officers observed what they believed to be suspicious activity on the north end of town. Ptl. Allen attempted to initiate a motor vehicle stop on a fast-moving Mercedes sedan, however the operator failed to stop. Ptl. Allen pursued the vehicle off the island to the GSP northbound, where the pursuit was eventually terminated in the interest of public safety.

Shortly after, Ptl. Boyne observed a dark-colored sedan traveling southbound on Long Beach Boulevard at a high rate of speed. Ptl. Boyne also attempted to initiate a motor vehicle stop, however the vehicle took off. Ptl. Boyne pursued that vehicle off the island, however that pursuit was also terminated in the interest of public safety.

Further investigation revealed that the Mercedes sedan was stolen from Surf City shortly before officers saw it being operated; that vehicle was left unlocked with the key/fob inside. The second vehicle, the dark-colored sedan, had been previously reported stolen from Newark and is believed to be the transport vehicle used by the suspects.

We are asking that residents and visitors who were staying on the north side of town overnight to check their vehicles and report any thefts to us at 609-494-8121. We also ask that any residents with security cameras and/or smart doorbells check them for motion/activity between the hours of 1am-4am.

Unfortunately, we believe this is the same group that targeted our town last week and have been stealing high-end vehicles across the state. These individuals WILL continue to come back and victimize our town (and area in general) if residents continue to make it easy for them by leaving their vehicles unlocked and/or with the keys/fobs inside.

-Please, lock your vehicles and remove the keys/fobs whenever you leave them, even if they’re parked on your property.
-If you have security cameras, make sure they cover the area of your property where your vehicles are parked.
-Consider leaving outdoor lights on overnight and/or adjusting any motion-activated spotlights to come on when your property is approached.
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  1. alwaysb55

    Glad no Officers were hurt trying to apprehend the thieves of opporunity.

  2. hmlustre

    Spike strips would have helped

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