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The National Restaurant Association estimates that up to 65% of independent restaurants will have to close permanently in the next 90 days.”

There is no need to paraphrase his words, we couldn’t have written it better ourselves. We share this in solidarity with everyone in the restaurant industry, from servers to cooks to janitors to owners to bartenders to bussers to dishwashers to runners to expos to managers and to anyone else we may not have mentioned. We know your pain. We feel your pain. There aren’t enough words for us to express our empathy and condolences for your losses.

Your restaurants need you. Please don’t take this lightly. Your decision to order takeout, buy gift cards, and dine in could all make a world of difference for someone in your community. COVID-19 has caused so much despair and uncertainty, but this is your chance to come together and help your people. Your people who have poured their hearts and souls into their work and have done everything in their control to make their business run to its best ability. These people no longer have control. The control is in your hands, the consumers. This is your chance to make a difference and you must not underestimate your power. Not just with restaurants, but all of your local small businesses. We are pleading with you to please be mindful when making all of your purchases, especially through the holiday season.

Your community needs you. We need you! Amazon will survive, but will our Mom and Pop Main Street?

With so much love,
The Continental Tavern Family

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