LBI Stormy weather in many ways. …

Stormy weather in many ways. #marisstella #harveycedarsnj #raysofsunshine #peaceandlove

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  1. pc2k6

    That’s an amazing photo

  2. soulmagictarotandhealing


  3. socosuba

    That’s beautiful!

  4. noelk7

    Beautiful picture Lisa.

  5. nikkk_ay


  6. couchchronicles

    Clouds were so good this evening!

  7. painterramsay

    Wow…amazing shot

  8. bethob67

    Wow that’s amazing!

  9. griffinbunny

    That is so good!

  10. crabby.cathy

    Beautiful photo

  11. songoftheseaonlbi

    WOW beautiful

  12. woodsboats

    Wow awesome photo Lisa!!!

  13. sfrie53

    Love the picture and the caption…and you.

  14. dianefarmerrealtor

    Gorgeous picture

  15. rosezagra

    Beautiful ❤

  16. cmhalf

    Great shot. Gives hope.

  17. suekramerlbi

    This is perfection!

  18. lllbi

    Hi Lisa!! We still need to connect!! Unbelievable pic!!

  19. dianefarmerrealtor

    Can you send me this picture

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