LBI These lips on are literally GOALS Her lips are a little swollen (which she lik…

These lips on are literally GOALS😍

Her lips are a little swollen (which she liked) but this will go down in 24-48 hours, the color will also heal 30-40% lighter so it wont be so bold & more of a natural dusting of color giving her more defined & fuller looking lips ✨

Color is Cinnamon from the @tinadaviesprofessional Lust Collection & topped with GLOSSED aftercare by @shaydanielle.pmu 🌟

We send you home with a Lip Aftercare Kit including a Lip shaped Icepack, Glossed Aftercare, Ink Soap by @cosmeticinksoap & a bunch of goodies like a Loyalty Card, Referral Cards & Stickers 💖

Lip blush is a great addition to Lip Filler to give your lip line more color & definition since filler can recede your natural lip border over time.
However it’s also great for someone who is happy with their lip size but want to make their lips more symmetrical, defined & to add color back that has been lost around the lip line, making your lips look bigger without actually changing the size.
Lip Blush is also a great long term alternative to Fillers lasting you 3-5 years between touchups opposed to 6 months-1 Year with fillers.

Lip blush color is completely customizable & can be as natural or as bold as you like 🌟

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