LBI We remind you! ⠀ That’s the season you need to take a photo in the clouds ⠀ Jus…

We remind you!

That’s the season you need to take a photo in the clouds ☁

Just look at the view!
Still wondering what’s the best present for your beloved one?
Give emotions!💙

For example, a gift certificate for a tandem parachute jump! Photos and videos will remind your
loved one about this wonderful day for a long time. Enjoying every moment, arranging a holiday
just like that, not looking for an excuse for this is not just a trend; it is a lifestyle. We will do
everything at the highest level. Just call to discuss the details! Even if you forgot about your
wedding anniversary or her mom’s birthday, don’t worry and don’t fuss. You have us, your personal
Chip ‘n Dale!

We will organize everything in the shortest possible time.
And voila, you’re cool, and everyone around you is happy! Have you heard of the famous skydiving
fans? For example, Jared Leto, actor (“Fight Club”, “Requiem for a Dream”, “Alexander”), and a
front man of 30 Seconds to Mars band; or Tiger Woods – famous American golf player, multiple
winner of prestigious international tournaments; or our favorite Matt LeBlanc, famous Joey
Tribbiani from “Friends”.

These guys know a lot about good leisure time. Choose the sky and join us!

Call 609-294-5858 to book!

Let us know if you’ve discovered us on Instagram and get:

10💲discount for the jump.

30💲discount for the jump + video+pictures.

To get a discount⤵️

Show the manager a screenshot of our account 😉
The discount is valid only if paid at the Skydiving Center.

Instagram offer are Not valid with any others coupons or payments already done online.

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