LBI When will we close the season? ⠀ It all depends on the weather. As long as the w…

When will we close the season?

It all depends on the weather. As long as the weather allows us to jump, we jump.
Usually, we have this opportunity until December.

But we do not advise putting off dreams “for later”.
The season may have to close ahead of time. And skydiving into white fluffy clouds is much more
pleasant than into gray, dull sky 👍😉

Skydiving gives people the feeling of free soaring and provides a unique opportunity to enjoy
beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye view. Wind is the most important parameter that you
should pay attention to when preparing for jumps. Each skydiving airfield has its own “windsock” –
a piece of a bright fabric fixed 20 ft high. This plays a very important role in landing safety.

The fact is that skydivers usually land upwind to slow down the speed, and they correspond to this
indicator. It is very clearly visible speed and direction of wind blowing on the airfield at the moment
of skydivers landing from a height. Also, airports have full-fledged detectors to determine
humidity, air pressure, dew point temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and direction.

What ifthe weather is bad?

Remember, the weather may be different from
where you are coming. The weather conditions often change during the day, and it may become
sunny again while you’re doing your skydiving paperwork!
Don’t worry about your safety. We employ professionals only!
Maximum service for a minimum price.

Make up your mind 🙌

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