LBI with ・・・ Is it the beaches? The delicious food? The sounds and smells? Or ma…


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#WhyDoYouLoveLBI? Is it the beaches? The delicious food? The sounds and smells? Or maybe it’s something you can’t quite put into words… Whatever it is – we want to hear and see your reasons! Tag us in your favorite LBI stories, videos, and photos at Welcome To LBI or use the hashtag #WhyDoYouLoveLBI and we’ll share all of the incredible reasons you can come up with on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see you soon! A HUGE Thank You to @TonyCoonFilms, @AnnCoenPhotography, and @AnnCoenStudio, for filming and producing this incredible and uplifting video for us!

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  1. instacol3

    My parents had a boat in Morrisons Marina for 20 years, such great memories.

  2. kshermanize

    I love that my kids can walk and bike everywhere!

  3. stevenwatson6262_

    Steph love this video love the striped your son caught

  4. stevenwatson6262_

    The striper that is great on the grill

  5. tcashore

    Hope you frequent Bubba Dogs on the beach. Owners are a teacher & a librarian! Great peeps! ❤️

  6. stormyanddaisy

    I was really surprised when that gentleman on your show this morning said masks do not work. I really do not think anybody knows what the hell is going on.

  7. lindalee0363

    A Brielle gal here… born in Pt. Pleasant, raised in NJ. I LOVE NJ!! @stephruhle ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. 2nvno1

    Beautiful place, very nice, a charmed life indeed.

  9. margotdurkin

    Barnegat Light.

  10. georgematt7

    Next year

  11. dtcrowell629

    Hooray for you this year! You don’t have to battle traffic

  12. bgeeman

    Love the the island. Grew up in Beach Haven my entire life. Nothing beats the island.

  13. evelyngilli

    What’s Lbi?

  14. comanche66t

    Been going 40 years

  15. joycerfabian


  16. mbfarrelly

    We went there (rented) every summer when I was young (i am not any longer). We used to go to The Lucy Evelyn. I know it isn’t there anymore. I wish it was. It is perfect there.

  17. sistahsusan

    You are in walking distance to water no matter where your house is. ♥️❤️

  18. cgill320


  19. ginnyvill

    Just bought a house in Surf City. The best part is driving over the bridge!

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