Leaving Long Beach Island 5/10/08

Here’s a video leaving the island. Enjoy the ride. FYI: Traffic lights are on 5/12/08

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  1. rooster5man

    i remember down here, came here Fourth of July, the Pancake House and everything…..but what happened to the traffic lights? a storm?

  2. rooster5man

    in this video

  3. rooster5man

    oooooooo, thanx for tellling me. the only time ive been NOT on the Fourth of July is Memorial Day, so ya

  4. N1CKF3D

    My house is wayyy down near haven beach. Gotta love LBI though. Best place to be in the summer.

  5. SeabassaHOYYY


  6. SeabassaHOYYY

    If you turned right at 16th street at 1:12, you could of came to say hello! I live on that street! I love that liquor store right there!

  7. Vanessa Baker

    @rooster5man the off-season. when its the off-season the lights just flash yellow.

  8. rooster5man

    @KamerinMooreRox Ah, alright, I've got it now, haha.


    unlike all of you annoying tourists i actually live on the island all year long. all of us locals find the tourists really annoying. why cant you all just go to sea side heights or something.

  10. Freedomtower Studios

    During the off season months (Labor Day to Memorial Day), there isn't much traffic.

    Because of less crowds and traffic, the island turns off the lights so it's easier for traffic past through the island. The only traffic lighst that are working are the ones at Route 72.

    From Memorial day to Labor day, the lights are turned back on and are kept like this all summer long.

  11. rooster5man

    I asked that 5 years ago, got that same response, look in the comments, lol. But thank you.

  12. Freedomtower Studios

    I'm sorry about repeating the comment. I didn't see the other one.

  13. freakyfornash

    This was the slightly better, but also much happier L.B.I., before the epic storm that was Hurricane Sandy hit it, which I miss so much. 🙁 Funny how the "string of pearls" lights on the bridge seemed like they were still somewhat mostly intact then, yet were almost totally gone by the time it was finally replaced.

  14. smallpicture

    4:06 Are those horizontal lights in the railing still there in the new bridge? Thank you very much!

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