Lighthouse International Film Festival Going to Cats and Dogs

The Lighthouse Intercontinental Film Culture is likely to be raining cats and dogs in the month of March.
Now, viewing cats and dogs is a social media feeling. Hey, they can be so humorous, so psychological, so entertaining, so extraordinary. But the LIFS screenings planned for March are a wee bit different. It will element skillfully made films.
From March 8 through March 15 people can signal up to see the “New York Cat Pageant.”
“The 2020 NY Cat Competition is a selection of inspiring, instructional, and amusing short films checking out the mystique of the fascinating felines who share our lives,” explains the film culture. “The application is diligently curated by NPR host and nationally acclaimed pet wellness advocate Tracie Hotchner. These are not random world wide web ‘cat videos’ – these are films which have been built with an intention, notion or tale to convey a thing crucial about cats. The films celebrate the kitties who share our entire world and their relationships with persons, no matter in which of how they dwell – as feral cats in a colony, or in between the addresses in someone’s bed.”
You have to enjoy a LIFS note: “There is no nudity, sexual reference, vulgar language or bodily or verbal abuse amongst individuals – and no animals were being harmed – in these films. Any tears you could lose would be tears of joy for satisfied endings. The movies can be viewed by all members of the spouse and children, but is meant for grown ups and additional experienced little ones.”
The Cat Festival lineup features 11 brief films:
Director Jonathan Napolitano’s “Cats Cradle” is a 12-minute movie about a retired couple who remodeled their farmhouse into a hospice and senior dwelling facility for cats.
“Bhuvana & Abhishek” is an eight-minute shorter that tells the true tale of a pair whose marriage was in problems and then saved by their mutual adore of a cat.
“Cathca Cat” is director Blake Stowe’s 3-moment amusing tale of two escape-artist cats and their operator who attempts to catch them.
Rowenna Baldwin’s 16-minute documentary “Goodnight Friend” explores how deeply individuals can grieve above shedding their pet.
“TEAM Meow SA” is Diana Lee Woody’s three-minute mockumentary about a fiercely focused cat-athlete who created her Olympic debut in the 2018 Pyeongmeow Olympics.
Alice Ovar’s 8-moment documentary “Cats My Life” is about the daily life of a cat rescuer, surrounded by her “children,” the stray kitties she saved.
“Cat Cafe,” a 20-moment documentary directed by Steve Lathan, shows the happiness distribute by a cat cafe.
“Just Checking out,” a two-moment animated film created by Charlie Kothe, displays how a “cool cat” behaves.
“9 Lives – Tales From the Cat Clearly show Anica’s Story” is a four-moment movie by Alyssa Pinter with a seem within the lifetime of an autistic young lady whose lifetime has been remodeled by going to cat demonstrates.”
“Furball,” directed by Jason Rogerson, is a 6-moment small that imagines just how considerably a demanding cat will go to get his person’s focus.
Last but not least, “Feline Paralysis” is a five-minute film by Annie Laurie Medonis, a mockumentary about a issue in which a single is not able to move because of to the existence of a cat on one’s lap.
People can obtain tickets for the New York Cat Competition by traveling to the Lighthouse Intercontinental Movie Festival’s website at They are $12. They will be out there from March 8 as a result of March 15, but viewers can enjoy the films for 30 days after paying for tickets.
Puppy lovers, really don’t fear, you will get your time in the sun as well. From March 22 to March 29 the LIFS will offer “The Dog Film Festival,” a 100-minute assortment of eight short films discovering the intriguing connections among folks and man’s best friend.
More on that up coming week.  —R.M.

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