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Gail Travers
August 18, 2021

To the Editor:
Just lately I’ve had the occasion to leave the Island in the really early hours of the early morning, commonly amongst 4 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. What I have seen straight away is that the targeted traffic lights are no more time synchronized to all improve from eco-friendly to purple at the exact same time, as they have been in the previous.
In Beach front Haven and some blocks in Ship Base, the lights are out of sync wholly, resulting in only permitting you to continue a hundred ft to the up coming purple light-weight. So on and so forth it goes many situations till you know that at 30 to 35 mph it is now taking you 45 minutes to get off the Island for a 7-mile travel from Beach Haven.
The a lot more ominous outcome this is acquiring on shifting visitors on the Island that I have discovered is the race to make it by way of the future website traffic light-weight in advance of it turns red. The counters on the facet of the highway screen the brightly coloured displays in seconds before the yellow light comes on and purple appears. I just cannot notify you how numerous moments I have witnessed cars and trucks dashing through purple lights just so they can advance their exit off the Island a minor little bit more quickly. It is not due to the fact these persons are ardent regulation breakers. No, I think it is carried out out of the frustration of proceeding for only 30 seconds just before they require to prevent once more, and once more.
Extra thought and review should really be given to initially repairing the lights that are broken and possibly extending the interval amongst crimson and inexperienced lights. Or, as in many municipalities through America, set the lights in a progressive system in which they transform green as you tactic them when they are in synchronization with the local pace restrictions. These are just my ideas in advance of a person receives hurt.
William Casey
Seashore Haven

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