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Gail Travers
September 02, 2020

To the Editor:
I’d like to comment on the Aug. 19 posting titled “Recent Death Level Belies Pandemic.” According to the regional medical professional who oversees the LBI health office, the in general dying rate in New Jersey is reduced then previous 12 months trends. Perhaps one particular could argue that the latest COVID policies carried out are, in reality, helping to conserve lives.
In the course of 2017-18, I endured a depressing bout with the flu that set me out of fee for virtually two weeks (even with a flu shot). Over 60,000 individuals in the U.S. died that calendar year from the flu. In previous a long time, hundreds of 1000’s died for every yr, due to the infamous Hong Kong and swine flus.
So it is inexcusable that present-day techniques of social distancing, lockdowns, etcetera. were not carried out formerly. I may possibly not have misplaced two months thanks to health issues, and all those unfortunate 60,000 persons could not have died that flu period of 2017-18. Shame on the politicians for not locking down the populace, closing organizations and requiring confront coverings many years back.
John Wright
Surf Town

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