Long Beach Halloween Shooting Survivor Holds Out Hope As Police Continue Search For Suspect

Jasmine Johnson clearly recalls the night of October 29 when she went to a house in Long Beach to celebrate a coworker’s birthday.

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  1. Bruce Wayne

    BLM…… except when it's black on black.

  2. Oscar Smith

    Now they want the police help.

  3. Robert Brown


  4. MrColdwatercanyon

    Terrible The young woman is amazing.

  5. Natalie


  6. sammy R

    They ain't gonna find me

  7. Eli F

    Beautiful soul and mind. Keep it going, there’s so much more to live for.

  8. Mo HamHead

    Truly a curse on America since it’s founding. Greedy rich people importing this problem.

  9. Nitin Yadav

    Plz god do well jasmine soon

  10. Mustang69GTR

    Hell yea keep grinding Jasmine!

  11. Johnny PepeDaTurd

    Police shouldn't even help BLM agents or supporters.

  12. fuxluck1

    Defund this! NOW!

  13. sandra bland’s revenge

    rooting for you!!

  14. Aaron Wright

    You go girl!

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