long beach island montage 2

this was all on my spring vacation in april. we got to go to lbi again and skate!

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  1. Eighty Twenty

    lolz "seapl condom"

  2. Clifford Spulock

    yo where is this at i own a bed and breakfast in beach haven

  3. Clifford Spulock

    o i live on 3rd street i own the island guest house which is the bed and breakfast on 3rd let me no when u come down next (my parents own the B + B) I work at mr. tees which right at the end of that street

  4. Clifford Spulock

    u should come stay at my moms B+B

  5. Aaron Rowe

    these spots are horrible, there is much better in lbi

  6. Brandon Kennedy

    haha dude i skated all of these spots in lbi u got to find some more spots theres a ton in lbi like the elementry school

  7. OurFall3nH3ro

    i go the beggining of august or end of july. I cant WAIT TO GO NEXT TIME! I found this huge 9 set that i really want to hit. I'm making a LBI montage coming up this summer. I cant wait to go back. i know where ALL the spots are. Theres a pretty nice loading dock at the poast office if you look. Its around like 82nd street or something. If you hit me up or something we could skate sometime if were there at the same time

  8. Toxic

    Agreed about the shoobie part but i think you dont need to be hard in them

  9. Toxic

    Shoobie! I live in Beach Haven

  10. Toxic

    To improve
    – dont look at the camera when you do the trick
    – lose the helmet
    – lose the camo and old navy
    – search in beach haven near the wawa and the new burger joint
    – Have Fun

    Hope this Helped

  11. Troy DeLuca

    Where is the 3 stair at and that bumo to bump on the sidewalk? is that the seashell hotel? thanks

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