Long Beach Island, N.J. – Drone shots #LBI

Extensive Beach front Island, NJ

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  1. Berland Media

    Great footage and editing! Very nice work 😀 Making some drone videos myself and would love some feedback 🙂

  2. Drone vidéo & travel

    I discover your channel… very nice !

  3. 날아라 마커스

    I should have visited there during my stay in NJ. It feels like nice and warm beach on the west coast of the States. It would be helpful if you could provide views with playlist of your drone footage.

  4. İnci Balım

    Its crazy because i was there beginning of July, 2019 and loved it there.
    I went there alone just like I go anywhere else, but it was still so fun. i'll go again this summer for sure

  5. Kay’shots

    Nice! Was this with the dji mavic mini?

  6. Abby and Chelsea's Web

    I go every year and Ive been there since I was a baby. It’s my favorite place.

  7. Kamagrie Last Name

    I remember going there once a year since kindergarten. I wouldve gone again, but. Im immunocomprimised. Which sucks so much. I honestly just want to curl up into a ball and cry.

  8. Benny OlmedoLopez

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  9. Trevor Jackson

    Just got back from vacation at lbi-my grandparents have a beach house- and if I could bring baseball with me there is no where else in the world I would rather be:)

  10. Danny

    It’s the best I can’t wait to go there this summer!

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