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  1. sirenmuscle

    Thanks Vic!

  2. Don Martin

    enjoy your family time brother pretty beach

  3. Jersey Johnnie

    New Jersey and You Peeeerfect Together….all the best Vic

  4. mark1952able

    Hi Bennie! You have a wonderful family! How did Vic hoodwink you into getting on a video with him? Hahahaha…..Vic keeps us and your family laughing!~ God Bless!


    all the best

  6. Peter Varacalli

    You're in my home town!!! Enjoy the afternoon!!

  7. Wit From 717

    Vic is the man

  8. Danny J. Rumbles

    Thank you Vic for introducing us to Vittoria's brother! Hope you had a nice day at the beach! Salute'!!

  9. MoviemaniaNick

    Thank you for showing this Vic! I used to vacation there when I was younger. It is good to see LBI again! Thing is you have to pay to be on the beach there but here in MD it is FREE to be on the beach. lol Go Yankees!

  10. Ed Glue

    Which house was Roy Schneider,s from Jaws movie

  11. Pt0wN973b0iI

    My basically family lives in LBI!

  12. DL Symons

    Love this videos lol Chris Christie, his house is two blocks from my brothers Chatwick, by Seaside. Born raised in New Jersey shore is my home during the summer. Glade we met Victories brother, love your mother in law.

  13. Carol Benson

    Brings back memories…I visited there 5 years ago. Loved it!

  14. Howie Grossman

    Old men stay home with your wife

  15. Patricia NoceraBrandy

    Every time a bell rings an angel gets a cone!

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