long beach island NJ vloggie

hang 10 bro.

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  1. Olivia Sarnel

    Getting ur face tattooed across my thigh next week .

  2. Cristina D'Amato

    Love the content!!

  3. Carolyn McDermott

    Excuse me who gave you permission to be famous???

  4. Zoe Higby

    "i got ritas… chocolate ice" MY FAVORITE

  5. Zoe Higby

    "i wonder how i got sick again" ***runs everyday in the blistering heat with MONO

  6. Lucky Charm

    I love lbi, I go every summer for a month to LBi, I move to Arizona from New Jersey, so hard to choose on what to bring every time would like to make a new friends do you go in August?

  7. Lucky Charm

    We have to take a break last summer but I hope go this summer we have house in love ladie do you go every summer ? I go from Arizona for a month of August looking for friends on the Island

  8. Cozy Critters

    Omg I go to Long Beach island every Summer and I love the chicken and the egg

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