Long Beach Island – Summer, 2007

Long Beach Island – Summer, 2007. Music is “Orphans” by Undermountain / Henry Gummer : Video by christophari.

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  1. Chuck Janvrin

    GRAET WORK!!! awesome sequence and sound track… 4:03 just flew by…

  2. TheWrong Queen

    I love this song.

  3. Kristen Possinger

    I love this video! We go to LBI every year! 🙂

  4. brotherbeyer

    Long Beach Island Is The Best!

  5. JoeNJ1

    Oh joy…another crowded tourist season^

  6. annab1223

    Fun video…. I'm down in LBI right now and it's RAINING 🙁

    but I still love LBI!!

  7. shane burk

    i jus got back from der its deadli

  8. Dan Vallancourt

    I just got back, there aren't any. The waves suck though. its like a pool this year 😛

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