Long Beach Island Vacation

Hey guys we went on vacation to the New Jersey beaches! I hope you enjoy the video! This is our LBI vacation! New videos coming out very soon.
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  1. Justin Sherman


  2. Omq_ Sxphia

    I went to the place you past after your done eating

  3. The Fortnite Kid

    I’m there right now I’m in ship bottom Long Beach island

  4. Lena Castro

    I'm actually going to LBI tomorrow and I'm staying for at least 5 days

  5. Brick 81

    From the mid 60s to 1980 growing up and into our teens, we spent every month of July on LBI, other than one year, 1975. Parents met there in 1954. It was our summer home.

  6. Jackson Deutsch

    What town you guys go to? I go to Brant Beach LBI

  7. Jackson Deutsch

    Also when doing mini golf, go to Hartland

  8. Herman Melvellei

    Came here for a week from Connecticut right around the time you guys were there. Warm water, seeing Cownose Rays in the surf, hearing Dolphins underwater and seeing them from the beach, and even purposefully getting my finger pinched by a Crab. Good times.

  9. caroline calvey

    I have a house in beach haven west! (the houses before the bridge)

  10. Kayla Miller

    I’m getting my engagement pics done in three weeks there. Where exactly were those rocks in the first 3 and a half min of your video?!

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