Long Island Residents Frustrated With PSEG LI's Failure To Communicate With Customers

Nearly 300,000 customers on Long Island are still in the dark, but that’s not why so many of them are angry. There’s frustration with PSEG LI for its failed communications with customers after the storm; CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reports.

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  1. Bwh

    Enjoying your descent into third world living conditions?

  2. sunni skie

    Didnt you hear they hired social workers to help and the social workers are all at the governors house

  3. sunni skie

    That's is what happens when you vote Democrat oh well

  4. john dalton

    Spend tens of millions of dollars on burying the dame power liner so trees wont hit them anymore.

  5. Joanna Michael

    I don't have lights

  6. Joanna Michael

    I'm very upset yes

  7. no doubt

    Haha this is a complete joke.. feel bad for residents of LI

  8. Paul

    Calling all PSEG customers, keep voting Democrats in and this is what you get…..get eady for civil war the south will rise again….

  9. Lawrence Holst

    Wake up America and blame your government for lack of concern Starting with the paid off president trump and Mitch McConnell the Lap dogs for big business and your locally Elected officials

  10. Sionna Dayes

    The problem is that you’re not saying the company’s name right: it’s PSE&G — not PSEG!

  11. Yuki Endo

    Why ALWAYS SOUTH SHORE FIRST? Main Line was much longer to restored.

  12. Harry Potter

    Lots of us still don’t have power!!!! PSEG needs to do a better job. I haven’t had connection for THREE DAYS. I need my phone as I have an important event as one of my close family members is having surgery and I can’t even communicate with the doctors office!!!! PSEG needs to do better. MUCH better.

  13. GeneralWu Music Videos

    I hope PSEG-LI goes out of business.

  14. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    0:12 unique

  15. Pink Roses

    I’m still with no power!! It’s frustrating!

  16. Robert Cohen

    I lived on Long island almost my entire life and I live through Long island lighting company, Long island power authority, and PSE &G. they keep changing the upper echelons of the management of this company but they never change the workers.

    The Long island lighting company was known for nepotism and cronyism and after hurricane Gloria wiped out Long island and it took them two to three weeks with the help of power crews from all over the country The residents were told that a private company is never going to work as hard as a public authority to make sure they are protected. it was converted to the Long island power authority. A political entity headed up by a political crony Richard Kessel.

    After superstorm Sandy Governor Cuomo came in and insisted that a public authority could never be as responsive as a private entity so initiated the acquisition by PSE&g.

    The problem is the culture of the workers from middle management down has never changed. They're not professional they do not do their job properly and if they could they'd rather sleep.

  17. Azifmikayre Gard

    Good luck getting through to Optimum

  18. Paul Odonnell

    I see these pseg guys all meeting on Franklin Ave at 7am ,about 30 to 40 trucks by the bakeys for a hour or 2 drinking coffee and eating Danish. Get to work and stop running the clock

  19. Seek Truth

    Cancel PSEG pigs

  20. Suzana Jevtovic

    Now it’s Saturday still no power. Someone’s head should be chopped off. And I don’t meant figuratively .

  21. Rosalind Tamasi

    We are senior citizens with medical issues & my husband can’t walk without his walker!! I’ve called over a dozen times with no response! I finally got through on Thursday, 8/6/20, at 3:50AM, after two days without electric and was informed that a crew was on route to my house as we were talking! I thanked her & waited to no avail! It is now Saturday night at 10:30PM & still no electric!! It will be six days without electric on Sunday 8/9/20 because my electric went off 8/4/20 at 2PM!!! This wasn’t even a bad storm!! God forbid we get a Category 1-2-3-4 or 5 hurricane, we will probably have no electric for months! This is unacceptable & shameful! They should have been prepared for this small storm because they had a lot of notice!! I’ll let u know when I get electric!!

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